Hello world!

Welcome to Gene Consultant Canada.

This place is intended to Learn More about Managing biology challenges and the underlying Genetics for Adults living with Autism, Children on the Spectrum and related conditions.

This is where I can share what I have learned before I confirmed my daughter and her mother are both Genetic Autism Spectrum in December 2016. I am most amazed by what I have learned since December 2016 and after obtaining gene test reports.

What really pushed this forward is my coming upon research in December 2017 that illustrates the underlying genetic control mechanisms that are present in the Tonic reviewed on this site. Also, the great diverse results that are had by it and many people pushing me to blog what I have been doing so, others can do it yourself to change your life and the lives of children challenged by ASD and related conditions.

To preserve my daughters privacy and the rest of my family it has been decided to alter some names and personal details.

There is a lot to publish if I were to cover all related topics. I needed to get this started some where. SO, I will dump as much online here as I can and reorganize it later and expand it later and provide more clarity, resources and formal research papers where applicable when I can get around to it. A volunteer Curator would be nice ;^)

Anyone Can Learn to DO what I have done and do for my family members and others. It is more important to Start DOING IT than to learn every detail involved.

Towards getting a grip on your complete biological management you would do well to obtain your Genetics Scan at Ancestry.com/DNA as it is the one that provide the MOST Data that you will want to Obtain Reports by submitting the Data  to the MTHFRsupport.com Sterlings App (which I have reviewed and used) and the Self-Hacked.com site (Which I have purposely not reviewed yet or used but plan to later in 2018)

Time has a way of flying by. SO I will try to publish as much I can before it is lost. Then complete my review of Sterlings App so I can move on to Self-Hacked. However, you should not wait till after I publish before you go ahead and get your own genetics scan and get your reports and get started on learning about the genes that YOU need to manage for the Rest of Your Life. This is how freedom from your genetic leanings is over come so you can make the most of your gifts in this long life.